Company Profile

Packaging forms the most important aspect for almost all manufacturing companies. The way a product is packaged determines its longevity, market demand and its quality. Canflex Engineering Pvt. Ltd., (Canflex) based at Hyderabad, is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machines for flexible pouches. We were established in the year 1992 and today, we are a noted manufacturer, exporter and trader of a wide range of packaging machines to produce flat pouches, gusseted pouches and stand up pouches. We are also a trader and exporter of material handling equipments to cater to industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.

Our company also offers packaging service facilitie for all kinds of solid, semi-solid and liquid products. The pouches vary in shape, size and form to suit the specific needs of the industry. These pouches have many features such as gas flushing, gusset formation, corner sealing, print centering photocells, bag length encoder, batch-coding and other devices.

The machines we produce are easy-to-operate due to the simplicity of their mechanism. They are high on quality and have the capability of keeping the goods in their best form over quite a long period of time. In addition to the exceptional performance of its products, Canflex also offers benefits in terms of reduction of floor space, operating costs and ancillary equipment. Due to our excellent service over the years, we have attracted clients not only from India, but also from the international circuit of Middle East, UAE and Africa.

Quality Assurance

The packaging machines that we, Canflex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufacture, are of world class quality. We understand that the quality of the product that is being packaged depends solely upon the quality of our machines; therefore, special care is taken while we manufacture the machines. The pouches are made vacuum compressed to retain the freshness of the products.

Every machine leaving our facility undergoes a thorough Quality Assurance Testing to ensure that your packing solutions match the international quality standards. We provide unique and hygienic packaging solutions for every product, be it powder or liquid, regular or uneven, free flowing or viscous. Our products are adaptable, reliable, tested and proven to ensure the lowest life-cycle cost and the best long-term performance.


We have a highly modernized and automated manufacturing base, and are outfitted with the latest technology lathe machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, etc. in our production unit to carry out a smooth production process. Canflex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. ensures that the packaging machines fabricated are capable enough of providing exact solutions to the clients. We incorporate the latest packaging technology in our processes and check the products under various scientific parameters.

Our design engineers and machinery builders have direct hands-on industry experience and thoroughly understand the unique demands of the form/fill/seal operation. They manufacture packaging machines in accordance with the needs, requirements and specifications provided by the clients.

Customer Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction with performance reliability and overall productivity are reflected in the large number of orders that we receive for our products. Regular feedback is taken from the customers to understand their changing demands in a better way. We also provide complete after sales services and take up any complaints that may arise. We put in our best efforts to satisfy our clients, who are our biggest assets.